Volleyball Vs. Football – Which Is Better

Football and volleyball differ from one another because of gameplay and other factors. Football is a famous team sport that is loved by everyone, whereas, volleyball fans are comparatively less than football fans. Nowadays, people are into playing volleyball too. Before we declare that better sport between volleyball and football, you have to understand the basic and distinguishing factors between both sports.

Understanding of a sport depends on the nature and preference of the viewer or player. Every person is having a different taste. So, it would be a difficult thing to decide if volleyball is better than football and vice versa. And for those who are interested to find out the best online casinos in the U.S., visit bestcasinositesonline.

Basic Rules of Volleyball

To play volleyball, you have to use your hands and arms to play the ball on the court. To start the game, the ball is served by the server. It can be overhand or underhand serve that puts the ball into the play. To pass the ball to the other player, you should use your forearms to bump the ball. 

The receiver receives the ball, passes it to the setter. The setter then sets the ball for the attacker to shoot it into the opposing team’s court. If the ball touches the ground, the attacking team gets a point. If the other team keeps the ball in play, the game will continue until a team scores a point. Meanwhile, here is the link to the best online slots that we can recommend.


Modes of Movement 

In volleyball, the players have a small area to move around with minimal running. The court of volleyball is smaller than the football field. According to the basic rule of volleyball, only 3 touches are allowed when the ball is in court. A player can only have one strike at a team and pass it to another player. If the touches or bumps exceed the 3-touch rule, the other team gets a point. 

Winning The Game

In volleyball, a total of 5 sets are played in the game. each set is played to 25 points. The first team to score 25 points, wins the set. According to FIVB guidelines, the last set is 15 points. The winning point of volleyball is to win the best three of five sets

Basic Rules of Football

Basic Rules of Football

Unlike basketball and volleyball, football is played with feet only. The game starts from the kick-off from the center of the field. It is done when a team scores a goal or after each half. Football is played without the hands. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with hands or to grab it. Also, the goalkeeper is allowed to touch it inside the penalty area to defend the goal of the opponent team. 

The players run along with the ball while using the inside, outside or top of the foot to pass, trap, and shoot the ball. The players are allowed to use any body part to touch or pass the ball except for arms and hands. They can use the head, chest, thighs, and even shoulders to pass, shoot or trap the ball. 

Modes of Movement 

The players in football have a significant area to move the ball across the field. The players dribble the ball up and down the field to take it to the opponent team’s goal. They do it with their feet. Some players don’t have to run more than the other players who tackle the ball in the field. In football, a player can be in any position in the field, it does not matter what they are designated for. 

Winning The Game 

In football, the winning point is to score the most goals than the opponent team in 90 minutes. Try to win the game with 11 players instead of lesser players who got booked for the red card. 

Difference Between Football and Volleyball


The world’s most loved sport, football, is a fast-paced game. If you are a slow runner, then it might be a difficult thing for you to cope up the pace with the other players in the field. If you try to run fast as the other players while football, you might fall to the ground. 

On the other hand, volley is a slow-paced game. The gameplay of the volleyball does not require running on the field. Although, in volleyball, standing in one place and move a few inches in the court would be enough to continue the play. If you are a newbie in volleyball, you will get to know that you have run less in this sport. 

Number of Players 

In volleyball, only 12 people are required to play in a team where each team is having 6 players. If you are having a small number of people to play a sport, you can go for volleyball. On the other hand, to play football, you need 22 people, 11 on each team. Talking about substitutes, you should be having more than 22 people to play football. So, depending on the number of people available, you can play football or volleyball. 


While playing volleyball, the players have to be active, no matter what. If you are in the game then you are not supposed to be inactive. If we judge the two sports based on diving and jumping, then volleyball is more challenging than football. 

In volleyball, if the ball is in play and it did not touch the ground by any of the team, you might have to dive and jump for 5 minutes. This time can be increased until one team scores a point. Now talking about football, you will have to run across the field to tackle or take the ball to the opponent team’s goal and to score a goal. It will be a lot of running while playing football.

If you want to play a game that exercises your hands and arms, then you can play volleyball. But if you want to build stamina by running across the football field, then you can join the football team. Even with slow running, you will be able to run fast and keep up the pace with other players. 


While comparing both the games, volleyball does not require running across the field or court. On the other hand, football requires more running and there are more chances of injuries. Sometimes, severe injuries with fractured or displaced bones may happen. If you worry about getting injured, then you should be playing volleyball. 


Talking about duration, football is a longer played game than volleyball. The more the time, the more fun. But sometimes some players get bored because of the tie match or no goals for minutes. If there is a thrill, the football match might exceed the standard duration of 90 minutes with each half of 45 minutes. If the football match gets tied, the duration might exceed 90 minutes until a goal is scored. 

On the other hand, the volleyball match lasts for 60 to 90 minutes. Each game is played for 20 minutes. It can exceed if the match is tied and until one team scores a two-point lead. The play continues till one team has won three games. 

Volleyball Vs. Football – Which Is Better?

Choosing between volleyball and football is a difficult task to do. It depends on your preference and fun. If you don’t want to run fast or for a longer time, you can play volleyball, but it requires more challenging skills than football. If you want to build stamina, then football would be a great idea because it requires a lot of running. 

Both the team sports are having differences in game-play, duration, skills, etc. Football is one of the world’s famous sports that people love to play and watch. Also, people are turning towards volleyball. You can play volleyball as indoor volleyball or beach volleyball.