Things You Need to Master When Playing Fortnite

Fortnite is one of those titles that typically get that scoffed at for being a “kid’s game”, but it actually takes a lot of skill to play. Not only do you have to have good aim, but unlike other Battle Royale titles, you also have to worry about the building aspect of the game. Don’t let its looks fool you; Fortnite is more than just shooting and hiding along the sides of the walls. While it doesn’t have advanced accessories that you often see in other Battle Royales such as scopes and all kinds of fancy Fortnite weapon attachments, Fortnite does have a unique set of Fortnite items from the Fortnite item shop—and these aren’t present in any other game. So what do you have to do to play Fortnite at its full potential? Well, we’ve got some tips and tricks up at our sleeve that we’re willing to divulge. So stick around if you’re interested to know how to win round after round in Fortnite!

Tip No. 1: Learn How to Ramp Rush

Imagine this scenario: Someone’s rushing over to you while building this ginormous ramp up above your head! What do you do? Do you just hide in a corner and just hope they won’t be able to kill you? Or will you stand up and do the same thing to try and ambush the other player? Ramp rushing is an essential skill that you need to learn if you want to survive in the game. There’s a lot of variations as well as techniques applied to ramp rushing, but in general, you should incorporate this move to your game if you want to live long enough to actually win. Just be sure to check if you have enough materials. If you don’t, you can either farm some with your pickaxe or buy them from a Fortnite item shop or vending machine in the game.

The most basic ramp rushing is the easiest one to tackle out of the ones we’ll be explaining here. Simply build a stairway while moving your mouse left and right if you want to make a double basic ramp. This easy but extremely useful technique can get you out of tough situations. But be warned: It’s very easy to destroy the structural integrity of the ramp. The best thing to do is to not build a basic ramp so high up, lest you fall straight to your own death should another player destroy a part of the stairs.

If you want to take it up a notch and minimize the chances of falling to your death, then mastering the art of making a single or double fortified ramp is just what you need. A fortified ramp rush includes a few more builds, such as placing walls behind your stairs or even adding floors under it. This way, you’ll be able to push opponents above you while making you harder to shoot down from players below. Building a fortified ramp, whether single or double, is rather difficult to learn. But trust us, knowing these techniques and applying them can save your bacon more than a few times!

Tip No. 2: Set Up Traps

Building isn’t enough to be a pro, you have to learn how to set up traps as well. Traps, in our opinion, are some of the most underrated Fortnite items in the game. Very few people use them, and it’s a shame because we consider them crucial to winning “building fights”. Be sure to use your Damage Traps, Bouncers, Jump Pads, and other trap Fortnite items if you want to be able to win over the more experienced players.

Tip No 3: Have Fun!

Being a sore loser whenever a potential win gets snagged from you isn’t going to make you feel or become a better player. People are way too serious when it comes to these games and often forget that the purpose of their purpose is to have fun! Maybe you should take a brake and enjoy some fun casino games as an option.  Being tilted is fine, but don’t hold your grudge forever. Sometimes, the Fortnite items from the Fortnite item shop aren’t enough to bag you a victory. After all, you can’t win them all!