Printable Bible Games for Various Ages

If you want extra fun for your fellowship or Bible study, besides playing board games, you can include various games using some of the printable Bible games for various ages. We have identified a fantastic collection of printable bible activities (games) for adults and children! In the Bible games, you only need to follow instructions carefully to successfully finish the game. 

Bible Matching Game Printables. This free, printable Bible Matching Game is an excellent way to assess participants of the game about their understanding of the Bible. It features four different ways to play, covering both the Old and New Testaments.

Memory Game for the Books of the Bible. Memorizing Bible verses is also a challenge for kids. These Bible picture-matching cards can assist your youngsters in becoming acquainted with this Bible books game.


Family Easter Devotional Memory Match Game is an excellent method for introducing the real Easter narrative and teaching why Easter is celebrated. This is an easy and entertaining matching game that the entire family may play using printables.

Creation Matching GameThese days of creation matching games describe the creation narrative with missing verse phrases or biblical verses. Students can pick between two variants. The shorter version contains six matching cards, and the longer version contains eight matching cards.

illustration of the Creation based on the Bible

66 Books of the Bible Memory Game. The 66 books of the Bible are represented by a set of 2 66 playing cards. Ways to play: Mix the cards so they are not in order. A first kid chooses two face-down cards to determine if they match. The following player chooses the next card and a second. They match the cards until there are none left.


Fishers of Men Matching GameThis beautiful matching pair game is ideal for smaller children to play while you tell them the tale of becoming “fishers of men.” The downloadable image cards show colorful and cute fish. 

God’s Promise to Abraham Match GameUsing picture cards, this free game for toddlers can help you reinforce the story’s contents. God declares in Genesis 15 that Abraham’s offspring would be as numerous as the stars.

Noah’s Ark Animal Match Game. Have a good time imitating the animal given to you so you can find your match! Play this game as an introduction to a lecture on the Creation or the Ark of Noah. This game can either be used as a general ice-breaker activity, or it can be used to split up a large number of people into pairs.

Art of Noah’s Ark

King Josiah Printable Memory Match Game. Children will be delighted to learn that Josiah became king at the age of eight. This is a wonderful method for children to engage in a hands-on activity while reading 2 Kings about King Josiah.


Men of the Bible Matching Game. This is a great teaching method for children about 12 Old Testament and New Testament men. In God’s account of Christian history, there are numerous Bible figures. This men of the Bible item-matching game is printable.

10 Commandments Matching Game. Use a matching game to instruct your kids on the ten commandments. Obviously, you may use this assignment as a recap alongside your teachings on the ten commandments. At home, knowledge of the commandments is crucial.

Attributes of God Fall-Themed Matching Game. This matching and memory game on the qualities of God is an excellent approach for young children to learn about God. He is holy, all-knowing, and merciful! Some traits are terms that may be difficult for younger children to comprehend, so you may include a Bible verse for each attribute on the printable.

Holy Week Matching Cards. The holy week preceding Easter is one of the biblical stories we must repeatedly tell our children. As your children practice reading, you may give them meaningful exercise with these holy week matching cards, which pair a picture with a brief description.

illustration of temples, and people with donkeys

David the Shepherd Matching the Pictures GameFirst, you can reference David as the young shepherd. For this unit, you can create an interactive anchor chart. Each week, you can add the pictures to the anchor chart as the students study and practice matching the pictures to the story!


Cornelius and Peter Matching Game. The narrative of Peter and Cornelius illustrates how Peter, a Jew and one of the early disciples of Jesus, came to realize that Gentiles would also be included in the church. It was a crucial stage in the development of the new church. This Peter and Cornelius matching game can be used to teach children this tale and reveal that God regards all people as equal, regardless of race.

Jacob Deceives Isaac Match Game. In Genesis 27, Jacob becomes so determined to obtain what he desires that he decides to trick his father into bestowing a blessing upon him. This dishonesty causes significant issues between Jacob and his brother Esau, as well as within Jacob’s family. This matching game can help children remember the importance of being truthful.

Ten Plagues Matching Game. We can educate our children to “Remember the Lord, your God” through the ten plagues. The older elementary pupils in your class can use these to study about the 10 plagues.

Illustration of The First Plague- Water Is Changed into Blood

Mothers of the Bible Game. Kids can learn about moms and children in the Bible by matching cards. A brief overview of each family might serve as a springboard for future discussion of the Bible figures. This game would be enjoyable to play on Mother’s Day or as a supplement to a lecture on any of these biblical figures. It is suggested for two to four players.

Bible Match Me Game. This is a comprehensive overview of 35 biblical characters, built with the idea that when someone mentions a biblical character, what is the first thing (or one of the aspects) that comes to mind? These cards, task cards, posters, and more can be utilized in various ways and are sufficient to make a lesson (or lessons)! Additionally, this is suitable for a wide range of ages. Each participant has a lesson with a shortened paragraph.

Samson ~ Manoah Judges 13 Match Game. You can teach your children the tale from the Bible about Manoah and his wife by showing them photographs of Manoah and his wife as well as other picture cards. You have the option of printing the cards in color or in black and white so that children can color them whichever they choose.