Pranksters and Prank Victims Share The Greatest Pranks They Have Ever Experienced

Life is always more fun with a little bit of fooling around and occasional surprises. It just makes life more interesting! More often, we only see pranks played in movies or hilarious gag shows. But what about real life? We’re sure you’ve been pranked at least once in your life by your friend, your sibling, or just anyone you know! It doesn’t have to be a grand and elaborate gesture to count as a prank. It could be just as simple as being drawn in any part of your face or body while you are sleeping, heading to the front door because your doorbell rang only to find out no one was there or receiving a funny call from what seems like a stranger. 

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If you’ve never pranked anyone or never been pranked before, don’t worry! We scoured the pranky side of Reddit and read the best confessions about the greatest pranks that pranksters ever did! These stories are primarily from the popular sub /AskReddit. You can live vicariously through these stories, and hopefully, you can get some inspiration to make your pranks in the future!

1. Riding on Explicit Content

My flatmates cut out pics from porno magazines and taped them all over the passenger side of my car. The way my car was parked, I could not see any of it when I drove off to work. I was wondering why everyone was honking at me on the freeway and giving me weird looks. Finally, my manager at work calls me outside to explain why there are blowjobs on my hubcaps.

2. Backwards Seats

During my junior year in high school, the seniors decided to flip every seat in the auditorium. All the chairs were bolted into the ground by the way.

The night before a morning school meeting, the class snuck in, unscrewed every chair, turned them backward, and screwed them back in.

When the meeting began on Tuesday morning, the entire school had to face backward for the whole meeting.

3. Lost Keys

Seven or eight years ago my aunt and uncle took over ownership of her parents’ home. In going through the stuff they found a box of misc keys. Not just a handful of keys, but easily a few hundred keys. Rather than throw them away they grouped them into standard size key chains and added a tag with a random funny name and my parents’ phone number. They then drove all over town; dropping them in the street, in the mall, at businesses, at the local university. Dozens of key chains were released into the wild that April Fools morning.

My parents got dozens of calls that first day. At first, my mom thought that the keys were real and arranged to meet to pick them up. Then the next person called with a different set of keys, but my mom thought she was talking to the first person again and confusion ensued. A later caller didn’t speak English which only added to the confusion. After picking up a set and having two more dropped off at the house she realized what was going on. But there was no way to stop the flood of calls. People continued to call for weeks.

4. Be Gentle With Liz, Please

When I was 13, I invited a new friend (we’ll call her Liz) to swim in my family’s pool after school. I have a sister 2 years younger than me, and I warned my friend that my little sister was mentally handicapped and that she’d get startled easily by strangers so she had to speak quietly and make no sudden movements to avoid my sister having an “episode”. Of course, my sister is a normal functioning person, but Liz was very sweet and gentle with her. After they met, my sister asked me in private if everything was okay because Liz was acting strange and whispering at her. I told my sister that Liz was mentally handicapped and to be really careful around her because sudden movements and loud noises scared her. My sister started being very careful around Liz (whispering, talking slowly, etc.), and they both went on thinking that the other was special needs until Liz spoke with another friend of mine weeks later about my “special sister”.

5. Bloody Revenge

Guys in the high school musical were doing the classic “condom-filled-with-mayonnaise” bit and throwing it over the dressing room wall into the women’s dressing room after making a bunch of obnoxious sex noises. We were all really getting sick of it, so I concocted a plan with a friend (who bailed at the last minute). I grabbed one of my maxi pads and bought a bottle of red food coloring. Combined the two and threw it over the wall into the men’s dressing room. Their screams still echo sweetly through my mind.

6. Goof Ball Golf Balls

This was a younger time. The world wasn’t as …strict… as it is now.

My friend’s family belonged to a country club with a private golf course. Back in high school, we’d go to the country club late at night and fill trash bags full of range balls. Well, not fill: they get heavy fast, 1/4 to 1/3 full.

We weren’t into vandalism. We didn’t hit mailboxes or windows. Instead, we’d then pick a random house in the city and dump the golf balls on their front lawn, laughing to ourselves about how it would be found the next day. Hundreds and hundreds of golf balls covering the lawn…

7. Child Support

One year for April fools, my wife got me good. I got a letter in the mail from an attorney’s office telling me that a girl I knew in high school was suing me for child support. I didn’t remember having sex with her, but I did a lot of partying back in the day, so it was entirely possible I had and didn’t remember. So now I’m freaking out, thinking I have a child I didn’t know about. I call my parents, they’re freaking out. They tell my grandparents…you see where this is going. I contacted an attorney for myself, started planning out if I was going to file for custody, making arrangements to fly home to try and meet my child. Finally, after my wife realizes it’s getting out of hand, she confesses and we both laugh our asses off. Ya know…after I stood there in disbelief for about five minutes.

8. Hot Girls

I once lent my flash drive to my girlfriend because she needed some files I had. I left a folder labeled “hot girls” on there like I had forgotten to hide some porn or something. But inside was just a picture of her.

She was so mad, but not really.

9. Snot Party

I had a really bad sinus infection and kept trying to show my brother how much snot would come out each time I blew my nose (immature high school shit, I know). After a while of him telling me to stop, I had this idea. I went into the bathroom and blew my nose loudly so he could hear it. I then took a huge glob of vaseline and put it on a tissue and walked up behind him and slapped it on the back of his neck. I have never seen anyone move so quickly trying to get something off of them. I couldn’t breathe because I was laughing so hard. He was not amused.

10. Meme Me

I didn’t pull the prank, the prank was pulled on me. Somehow dozens of my friends coordinated a Facebook prank where they all changed their names to my name and used one of my random pictures as their profile picture for almost a week. I woke up to a newsfeed filled with me. No one knew who anyone else really was. It was all just… me.

These are 10 funny pranks that these pranksters and prank victims experienced. What’s your favorite? We are excited for you to experience pranks by yourself soon. Good luck and have fun!

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