Now You Can Pay with Cash Online

Have you ever had some cash and wondered if you can use this cash to buy something online? Well, now you can. We are excited to share one of the most exciting new finance companies we came across with recently – CashtoCode. Using CashtoCode, you can use your cash on online shops without ever depositing it to your bank. This innovative service lets you go to the nearest spot available and make a cash payment to many online retailers.

How The Service Works

The first step is to choose a merchant that accepts CashtoCode. Using a quick search in any search engine will yield these results for you. For example, you can search for various things such as online merchants that accept Cashtocode or more specific things such as CashtoCode shoe stores orĀ CashtoCode Casinos. Once you find the results and choose the item you want to buy, all you need to do is select CashtoCode in the checkout process.
When you select CashtoCode as the desired payment method, you will get a QR code you can use to pay with cash.

You can use this code to pay with cash in one of the many locations available throughout Europe. It is essential before this entire process that you find the specific location close to you.
When you present this QR code whats going to happen next is that you will give your cash to the cashier and the funds should be transferred to your account immediately. This is one of the benefits of using CashtoCode. Your payment will arrive within minutes.

Why should you use CashtoCode?

People will have various reasons why to pay in cash instead of a credit card.
Those reasons may vary from state to state, but the simple fact is that it’s becoming harder and harder to use cash, let alone online. That is where CashtoCode has taken a lead part.

The most common reason is security. When you place your credit information online, you never know what is going to happen with this information. There is a high probability that some piece of malware or other malicious software is active; there is always some risk.
Using CashtoCode is the solution to this problem.