Guide to Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse is a fun game that incorporates different elements of tag into its gameplay mechanics. This game is usually more fun to play if there is a large group of players, so gather your friends and loved ones to make the game exciting and exhilarating. The rules and mechanics of Zombie Apocalypse are fairly simple, which means that it can be played even by kids. To know more about how it is played, here is a simple guide to Zombie Apocalypse. But if you want to know the best online casinos in Australia, visit the trusted casinoscout.


Before the start of the game, all players must choose which group they should belong to. There are a total of three groups in the game, and these groups are the survivors, the helpers, and the zombies. The survivors will be the one who will try to hide or run away from the zombies, the helpers are the ones who will be helping the survivors get to the “safe zone,” and the zombies will tag the survivors and turn them into zombies as well. Players can choose a group on their own, or you can write “survivor,” “helper,” and “zombie” in several pieces of paper and make players draw from a fishbowl or any other container.

Once all the players have chosen the group that they belong to, it is time to place identifiers in order to determine who are the survivors and the zombies. The most common identifier used for Zombie Apocalypse is a bandana, with the survivors tying it on their arms and the zombies wearing it on their heads. The helpers in the game are not required to have bandanas.

Now that the survivors and the zombies have been identified, the survivors and the helpers would have to determine a “safe zone” in their play area. If you are playing in a park, you can designate the center of the park as the safe zone, and if you are playing in a big backyard, then the back porch should be the safe zone. The safe zone, otherwise known as a starting point, should be visible from afar, so you would have to make it distinct in the play area.

After the safe zone has been determined, the zombies and the helpers would need to close their eyes or be blindfolded. Once the two groups cannot see anymore, the survivors would have to seek out a hiding spot away from the safe zone for only one minute. The zombies will have to set up a timer for one minute, and after the time runs out, they can open their eyes or take their blindfolds off and start looking for survivors in the play area. On the other hand, the helpers will need to set up a timer for two minutes before going to the play area to find survivors as well.

The goal of the survivors in the game is to reach the starting point without being tagged by a zombie. They can also stun zombies by throwing nerf balls, rolled-up socks, or any small and soft material. Once they’ve thrown these items to a zombie, the zombie would then have to stop moving for a predetermined amount of time, which is usually 15 to 30 seconds.

The helpers can help the survivors by leading them to the starting point safely, and one way of doing that is by blocking attacks from zombies using their bodies. It is essential to note that helpers cannot be tagged by zombies, hence the reason why they can block attacks for the survivors.

The goal of the zombies is to find survivors and “eat” them by tagging any body part. Once a survivor has been tagged or “eaten,” he or she would need to count to 30, and after that, he or she would turn into a zombie and begin tagging other survivors. If the survivor turned into a zombie, he or she must place the bandana in his or her arm to his or her head to indicate that he or she has become one of the infected.

Several helpers can form a circle around a survivor to block zombie attacks; however, zombies can still go through open spaces between the helpers to reach the survivor in the middle of the circle. Before we continue, check out the following link first if you want to know the best online casino usa.

In a rare case where someone has been injured, the game would have to be paused for the injured person to seek assistance or medical help if needed. In addition, all players must only stay in the designated play area so that some won’t stray too far away from the location and get injured. Since this is a game played by ten or more people, the optimal size of the play area should be large enough for all players to move or run around.

The group of zombies would win the game if all survivors were turned into zombies. The helpers and survivors win the game if there are more survivors that have reached the safe zone compared to the number of survivors that were turned into zombies.

Those are the rules and mechanics that need to be followed while playing Zombie Apocalypse. Because it is a fast-paced game full of running and tagging, there may be instances where some players might get hurt. To make the game safer, zombies should not tag survivors hard enough for them to fall, and survivors should not throw their ammo to the zombies with too much force. Make sure to have a single first aid kit available if ever someone gets a minor wound or if anyone needs bandages.