Guide to Gorilla, Man, Gun

If you ever played Rock, Paper, Scissors, then this game would be a no-brainer. Gorilla, Man, Gun is a game similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors. However, this game requires full-body actions, instead of only using the hands. Children, as well as adults, can play the game and is often performed as an ice breaker activity.


The first step to play Gorilla, Man, Gun, is to find a partner and then stand back-to-back. With your partner behind you, a moderator will now count one, two, and three.

At the count of three, both players should face each other and perform either Gorilla, Man, or Gun.

If a player chooses to be a Gorrila, both arms should be raised fiercely into the air and making a growling sound.

If a player decides to be a Man, cross the arms slightly, and one hand should be touching the chin making a thoughtful gesture.

Lastly, if a player chooses the Gun, make a gun using the fingers and point it to your partner. A “bang” sound should accompany this action.

Similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors, the winner of the game will be determined based on the action of both partners.

The cycle goes like this: Gorilla defeats Man because the Gorilla is much stronger than the Man. The Man beats the Gun because he can use it. Lastly, the Gun defeats the Gorilla because it could kill it.

In case both players performed the same action, the moderator will re-count to three, and the players should do another round until it’s decided.

You could play the game as a tournament. The winners of each match will advance to the next round while the losers are out of the game. The last two players to win will fight in the final round, and whoever wins the match is declared the champion.

Popular Variant:

Gorilla, Man, Banana

This version is the only variant of the game, which uses bananas instead of a gun. This version was made for those people not interested in using a gun. The game has the same mechanics, and the only difference is the action when you choose the Banana. If you select the Banana, you should pretend you are peeling an imaginary banana. The same cycle goes: The Gorilla defeats the Man, the Man beats the Banana because he can eat it. And then the Banana beats the Gorilla because they love bananas and could use it as bait or a weapon against them.