Gaming in the Virtual World

If you thought we were already living in a virtual world, think again. What is coming up with the Metaverse will change the way some of us live, permanently. With the pandemic sending us all to the safety of the inside of our home, it left people wanting more entertainment, without having to step foot outside. Well, the future is being created just for them. Welcome to the next generation of the virtual world.

A Dream that has Already come True

Those that don’t want to interact much with the rest of the world today, can definitely stay at home and get everything (or almost) done, from there. They can buy products on Amazon, listen to their music on Spotify and watch their entertainment on Netflix. Those who like gaming and gambling can do the same as well. For example, you can already visit a virtual football betting site that will let you bet on the game that you prefer, whether the teams are part of the Premier League (UK), La Liga (Spain) or La Lega (Italy). They can also place a wager on one of the major competitions, and always without ever leaving their home. It is great, because they can actually watch the pre-game on their TV set, choose the team that will win, head to the site and place their bet, before sitting back down to watch the game unfold. That, readers, is definitely part of the virtual gaming world of tomorrow, and it is already available today…

Welcome to the Metaverse

If you have no idea what the Metaverse is, then you are in for a treat. First, let us remind you that Facebook has changed its name, a few months back, to reflect their intention of becoming an important player in the field, as it is now called Meta. That gives you a sense of how important that sector of the economy is bound to become. But there are already many games that offer you a taste of that virtual gaming universe of the Metaverse. For a quick introduction into that new form of gaming, we can suggest that you look into, and try, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Sorare, Illuvium and Ultra.

The main idea of the Metaverse will be that you will have access to it by using an avatar that will represent you. This avatar can basically be anything you want it to look like. Putting on virtual goggles on your head, you will enter into this universe, as if you were there. You will be able to interact with the avatars of your friends and meet people you don’t know in real life. In theory, the experience you will live on there, will feel almost as real as the ones you would get to feel in the real world. However, keep in mind that you will always remain seated in your house, so make sure to unplug every now and then to take a walk, if you don’t want to develop health issues.

Games and other activities will be available to everyone, in a way that will really change our relation to the virtual world. It will be one more step into believing that what isn’t real, might just be so in some way.