Games for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party

Mitzvah party for the Jews is a very special celebration. Jews celebrate this day for boys and girls when they turn 13. For boys, it is called Bar Mitzvah while for girls it is called Bat Mitzvah. This ritual religious celebration encourages teenagers to be responsible for their actions, decisions and can officially lead religious prayers and services in their families. Mitzvah Party is about food, dance and games, a time to have fun, therefore, families make their most to make it a day to remember. Here are some of the games that are played at a Mitzvah party for unlimited joy and laughter.

Dance with the DJ

If you have a DJ at the party, this will be fun. But you can also make any one of the party attendees as the DJ for this game. The DJ here not only plays the music but also makes the dance move that everyone has to follow. The DJ may wish to stop the music anytime in between and the attendees will have to freeze to add some laughter to the floor. 

Stuff the T-shirt

This can be played by both girls and boys. You divide the guests into equal teams and give each team an extra-large size t-shirt. The larger the size, the more fun it is. Additionally, you keep either balloons or stuff toys of the same sizes in the centre of the floor. As soon as the timer starts, one of the team members from each group will wear this t-shirt and others will try to stuff in as many balloons and toys as they can. Make sure the balloons you provide are not blown, so the team has more challenge in winning. In the end, the team that has stuffed the most balloons or toys is the winner. 

Mummy in the Making

This is another very interesting and crazy game. All you need is toilet paper for each team. One player becomes the mummy and the rest of the team members have to wrap the players to make it a mummy. Time and speed is the key here and whoever makes the fastest yet neatest mummy is the winner. This can also be played in pairs. Make sure you have a stopwatch for this one. 

Hop the Hula Hoop

Take one or two hula hoops and ask all the friends to stand in a big circle. One person becomes a DJ and will be responsible for playing music. As the music starts to pass on the hula hoops inside the circle, making sure that none of the hoops falls on to the ground. When the music stops, the person with a hula hoop in the hand is out of the circle and game. So as the music plays, the hoops keep passing.

Twist the Hula 

Hula Hoop is a lot of fun at bar and bat Mitzvah parties. It keeps the people active and laughing. If the party has elders, this will be worth watching and capturing. Simply play the music and give hula hoops to all the players. Let them twist and twirl with the music. The last person to keep twisting the hoop will be the winner of the game. Rule of the game; if the hoop falls to the ground, there is no second chance! 

Relay Race

Usually, relay race is played outdoors but this one is an indoor relay race with balloons often played at mitzvahs. Make the teams stand on either side of the room and give each team a balloon. The first challenge of the game is for each team to hold the balloon with their heads while placing their hands at the back. Now in this position, both the teams have to move from one side to the other. Reaching the other side, the players will now have their hands folded in front, standing back-to-back with the balloon in between their backs. In this position, they run back to their original side. The team members are not supposed to touch the balloon nor let it touch the floor. Whoever completes the round first is the winner. This balloon relay race is not as easy as it seems and requires a lot of teamwork and coordination. 

Guess that Tune

Divide the guests into teams of 4 or 6. This could be a mix of both young and old guests. Each team chooses a leader and the team mutually decides on ten songs. Turn-wise the team leader will go to the DJ and ask them to play the first ten seconds of each song and another team will be asked to guess. The winning team will be the one which makes the most guesses. 

Guess the Celebrity

Similar to Guess that Tune, is this game Guess that Celebrity. Each team makes a list of ten celebrities; these could be sports players, singers, artists, Nobel Prize winners and many more. Turn-wise the team leader of each team will come in front and act the celebrity and give hints to make the other team guess the celebrity. Here the team that makes the most guesses will win. 


Mitzvah party is a special day for your child; a day that gives them religious, spiritual and moral maturity; hence it’s a time to celebrate and cherish. Play these above mentioned-games to make each moment memorable. If you want some mature games for your children, you can check our blog on adult games.