Game Review: Bezier Games One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a card game that contains twelve distinct roles spread out on its sixteen thick and sturdy tiles. Aside from a dozen tiles of roles, the card game also contains sixteen tokens, a guide to getting started, as well as an extensive rulebook complete with detailed descriptions of each role.

Also available is an optional downloadable app that is free for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. The app is not complicated to use because it guides the players through each game. They just have to choose the cards they have, press play, and the app will help them through the rest of the game.

One Night is a simple and fast game that can be played by 3 to 10 players. In this game, you will be given a specific role and that role has its own unique ability and job.

The way this game works is that the players will be randomly given a role. The game begins once everyone has their roles. Each action performed at the night is either related to gaining information or complicated information. Once all the roles have performed their actions, everyone will open their eyes and will be given time to discuss. You won’t have the same role once someone changed your role during the night. You may only have the role that you start with or the role swapped to you.

Once the players have finished their discussion, a player will countdown and everyone will point to the person who they think is the werewolf or should be killed. Players only have a limited time of 5 minutes to find the werewolf. If the players manage to get a villager, the werewolves win. If it’s the opposite then the villagers win. And if there’s a tie on the voting and there’s at least one dead player that is a werewolf, then, the villagers win.


There are about twelve roles that you can get in this game and can do their actions at night. Here are those roles.

  • Villager

The Villagers are pretty simple and basic. He goes to sleep and wakes up and doesn’t do any action.

  • Tanner

Tanner doesn’t get to wake up and do anything like the villagers and hunters but he can win the game by dying. If he gets pointed at, then he wins the game. The villagers and werewolves lose and he will be the only winner.

  • Minion

The Minions are like villager but is on the Werewolves side. Whenever the Minion wakes up, the werewolves will extend their thumb so the Minions can know who they are. But, the werewolves won’t be able to know who they are. If the Minion gets killed, the werewolves win.

  • Masons

The masons are villagers but know the other Masons are innocent and can be trusted.

  • Hunter

The Hunter is just like the villagers. The only exception is that if he gets pointed at, whoever he points at also dies.

  • Doppelganger

The Doppelganger wakes up first and looks at the role of another player and becomes that role. They are no longer a Doppelganger if they’ve already seen a role. Instead, they will become that role. The doppelganger can either be another Werewolf, or a second seer or maybe even another Tanner.

  • Seer

The seer can make a choice. Either he or she will look at another person’s role or look at two roles from the middle row.

  • Drunk

When the Drunk wakes up he may swap his own role with one on the middle row but can NOT look at the role they get.

  • Robber

The Robber can also swap roles with another player’s and can look at his new role. The player swapped with will become the new robber and the previous robber becomes whatever the role they got.

  • Troublemaker

The Troublemaker can swap the roles of two different players but not themselves. He or she can NOT look at the roles they swapped.

  • Insomniac

The only thing the Insomniac can do is look at their role check if it has changed. This role is the only one guaranteed to know what they are doing in a discussion.

ONUW is an enjoyable and interesting card game that can be played by ages 3 and up. It is an amazingly fun recreational game that families or groups of friends would want to play all over again.