Frisbee – How to Play It with Kids

Frisbee is also known as a flying disc or simply a disc that is used for recreational throwing and catching sports. It is a sporting item or gliding toy. The injection-molded plastic of 8 to 10 inches in diameter is having a pronounced lip. People use it for outdoor flying disc games. To know the shape of the frisbee, it is an airfoil in cross-section. It allows the frisbee to fly in the air by generating an airlift. 

To aim it with accuracy and throw it at a certain distance, the disc should be spined a stabilizing gyroscopic force. Playing frisbee with kids allows you to keep them active and to get some cardiovascular exercise. Playing frisbee is not limited to a certain age, everyone can play it. You can enjoy family time and bring one another close. And here is also the updated list of the best online casino in Australia.

How To Play Frisbee

The object of playing frisbee is to move the frisbee down the field so that you can score more than the opposing team. While playing frisbee, you should be marking the playing area such as in a rectangular field measuring 70 yards by 40 yards. The two ends should be 25 yards deep. When you have marked the field or territory, you need a frisbee disc that comes in different colors and designs. 

Game Play 

There are 2 teams in the game. Each team is having 7 players. Both teams line up in their respective end zones. The game starts like a football kick-off. The defensive team will throw the frisbee to the other end. This throwing of frisbee is known as pull. The coin toss determines which team will receive the frisbee first.

On the other hand, the throwing team is allowed to move anywhere in their end zones. Until the frisbee is thrown, the throwing team cannot cross the goal line. The receiving team players should be standing on their one foot on the goal line. As soon as the frisbee is thrown, all players are then allowed to move wherever they want.

The throwing team player is not allowed to touch the disc before the receiving team player has touched it. The pull at starting point sends frisbee down the field to give the offensive team a poor field position. Meanwhile, if you are interested to find out the best online casino in Canada, visit

Movement Of the Frisbee 

The frisbee can be passed to the teammate anywhere in the field. When the receiver catches the pass, he/she should stop as quickly as possible. Now the player can only move when an established pivot foot is a pivot off. Also, a player can throw or pass it to another team before stopping and establishing a pivot foot. 

Before taking the third step after receiving the frisbee, it must be thrown to another player. If the frisbee is caught at the same time by a defensive player and an offensive player, the frisbee goes to the offensive player. 


Once the frisbee is caught, the player is having only 10 seconds to pass it to another team player. This 10 second period is called a stall. The defender or marker standing within 10 feet of the thrower will count 10 seconds out loud

The receiving player can hold the frisbee for more than 10 seconds if there is no marker within 10 feet. Also, it happens when the marker is not counting out loud. The stall count can restart from zero if there is a new marker. Now the new defender will count 10 seconds out loud. 

Only one defender is allowed to defend the thrower. The distance between the thrower and marker should be of the frisbee’s diameter. Also, the thrower cannot be restricted from pivoting by the marker or defender. 

Basic Rules of Frisbee


The player possessing the frisbee keeps it holding when the play is stopped. The other players must stop at once until the play is resumed. The marker touches the frisbee in the thrower’s hand to restart the play. If the thrower passes the frisbee before the marker has touched it, the pass does not count and it will be replayed. 


When a player catches the disc in the end zone with the attacking team, a point is scored. While defending, if a defending team player intercepts the pass in the end zone, the defending team gets a point. You cannot score a point by holding the frisbee and running into the end zone like American Football. 

The teams exchange the ends after scoring a point. The scoring team remains in the end zone and the opposing team lines up in the opposite end zone. The play is continued by the scoring team with a pull. 

The game is played will 21 points or goals. The winning team should be leading the opposite team with 2 goals. If the score gets tied such as at 20-20, additional minutes or overtime is given in the play. It ends when a team scores a 2-point lead or one of the team reaches 25 points. 

Fouls and Violations


Just like other sports, the frisbee game is also having fouls. At the time when a foul is made, the play stops. 

  • Disrupting the possession of the frisbee due to contact with the opposing player. 
  • Incidental contact does not count as a foul. 
  • If the possession is retained, the play continues immediately. 
  • If a player calls for a foul and it has disagreed, then the play resumes and frisbee goes to the last thrower. 
  • No physical contact is allowed in the game 


If you violate the rules, your team will be given a foul and the opposing team will get an advantage over it. 

  • Any playing technique or physical contact violates the rules of the game. 
  • A player cannot travel with the disc, just like basketball rules
  • Double-teaming and obstructing the movement of the defensive player such as picking violates the rules of the game. 
  • A defensive player is not allowed to strip the frisbee from the offensive player. 

Playing Frisbee with Kids

Playing frisbee with your kids can allow them to improve their endurance, hand-eye coordination, high-speed running, strength, etc. 

Frisbee Lawn Bowls 

This game allows you to teach them to throw the frisbee accurately. You can throw a tennis ball or baseball 30 feet away and use it as a target. Also, cardboard can be used for this purpose. Now your kids will throw the frisbee so that it lands on or near the target. 

To make it interesting for your kids, if the frisbee lands on the target, the player will be awarded a point. The first player to score 5 points will win the game

Frisbee Tag 

This frisbee game for kids helps you to boost their fitness levels. The game requires two players. To begin the game, one kid flips the frisbee and if it lands with a top-up, the thrower is supposed to run to the pre-determined spot. Also, the kid has to make sure that he/she does not get tagged by the other player. 

If the frisbee lands with bottom-up, the thrower is supposed to tag the other player before they get to the predetermined spot. To make it interesting for the kids, the player with the most tags will win the game. 

Frisbee Throwing Race 

This is an ideal frisbee game for kids. Mark two parallel lines 10 yards apart on the ground. Label the lines and line 1 and line 2. You can use a string for the grass ground and chalk for cement ground. Now pair up the kids and make them stand in the opposite line. Give frisbee to the kid standing on line 1. Then say Go to begin the game. 

The kids will throw frisbee back and forth to their partner. To make it interesting for the kids, the first team that makes 20 catches in a row will win the game. 

Frisbee Tennis 

To play this game, you have to choose a tennis or volleyball court. Also, a basketball court can be used for this game. Make sure that there is a net in the court. It is a large-scale game requiring 2 teams with 3 to 4 players in each team. The game begins with the serving team that serves or throws the frisbee over the net. 

If the receiving team is not able to catch the frisbee or takes 3 attempts to throw it back over the net, the serving team gets a point. Just like tennis, if the team throws frisbee out of the court lines, the other team gets a point. You can use volleyball scoring regulation such as the first team with 15 points wins the game. 

Frisbee Soccer 

Frisbee Soccer 

It is similar to ultimate frisbee combining the elements of football. The rules and field are of football. Instead of football, it is played with a frisbee. A goalkeeper is protecting the goalmouth from letting the opposing team score a goal. It is played in half or full court. 

By playing this frisbee game with the kids, you can increase their stamina, endurance, and hand-eye coordination. To make it interesting, the team with the most goals; wins the game.

Frisbee – Playing Guide and Fun Ideas for Kids

Frisbee is an interesting and recreational sport that you can play with your family, friends, or even kids. It is a simple game with simple rules and gameplay methods. It helps you and your kids to increase their sporting characteristics such as high-speed running, agility, strength, hand-eye coordination, endurance, etc. 

If you play the kid’s frisbee games, you will be training them to play frisbee tournaments in the future. Also, if they like the idea of tennis, volleyball or football, they can go for one of the sports. Apart from training your kids, you can play frisbee to bring the family close and enjoy the moments while being away from busy days.