Dance Party Games Adults Will Enjoy

Liven up your party by incorporating dance games and up-tempo music! Dance games can break the ice and keep your party from being boring. It can keep your party guest at their feet and enable them to interact with other guests.

Dance games are especially great when hosting a crowd of people of different age groups. It would be a blast whether you do it for kids or adults. Consider playing some dance games to make your next event or party entertaining and memorable.

Here are some dance party games for adults you can try hosting:


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Limbo is a fun party game that involves lots of fun with little preparation. All you need is a stick or bar long enough so that people can walk forward and bend backward under it while dancing. You need two people to hold the limbo stick four feet from the ground. Then, participants must do the limbo under it. The pair will need to lower it each time all guests have completed a pass under the stick. If a person touches (or if any part of their body touches) the stick during their turn, they are out. The aim of the game is to be the remaining player that can do the limbo under the stick at its lowest point.

Dance Charades

Group Of Friends At Home Having Fun Playing Charades Together

Dance charades are a variation of the traditional charades, testing your guests’ dancing skills and movie knowledge. Before the party, the host prepares a container with folded-up pieces of paper, each containing a name of a popular movie with a dance scene.

A player starts the game by picking a piece of paper from the pile and then acting out some dance moves that will give clues to the movie. The first person who guesses the movie earns a point.

This idea will work for a group of people who watches movies likes “Saturday Night Fever,” “Flashdance,” “Dirty Dancing,” and other dance-heavy films. But as an alternative, you can simply use dance move names like “cha-cha slide,” “floss,” “conga,” etc.

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is a party dance game enjoyed by both adults and children. To play this, prepare upbeat music at a fast tempo to play during the game. Count the number of guests participating in the game, then arrange the chairs one less than the number of players in a circle. The guests would start encircling the chairs while dancing once the music started. When the music operator suddenly stops the music, each guest must find a chair to sit on. The player left standing must be eliminated from the game. For the next round, remove one chair, and the same thing goes again. The play continues until there’s only one left sitting. During the game, encourage the players to dance while going around to make it more fun!

Dance Off

If your guests are full of confidence, hosting a dance-off is a super fun option! Choose two to three guests to judge the competition, and then have all other guests go to the dance floor and start grooving to the music. The judges must agree on which dancer to eliminate after each song. Then, keep on playing songs until only one player remains.

It’s best to choose a selection of songs that involve a variety of dance types like hip hop, salsa, pop, and swing. It adds to the entertainment factor and allows guests to showcase their rhythmic abilities.

Partner Switch

This game is for partner dancing, and it’s a great way to break the ice among your guests. Assign one player to stand in the middle of the dance floor and hold a flag to play this. Have the dancers form pairs and dance around the flag holder. At random times, the flag holder would toss the flag in the air, and when it goes up, everyone switches partners. The flag holder must also try to find a partner. A person who is left standing alone becomes the new flag holder.

Memory Moves

Have the participants form a circle around the dance floor to play memory moves. Choose one participant to move first, then that player will step up in the middle of the circle to make up a dance move.

The next player will step into the center and repeat the same dance move. After mimicking the first player’s dance move, he then adds one of his own. The third one will repeat the first two dance moves and then add a new move to the list. The game continues until each dancer repeats the movement and adds a new move. Anyone who forgets the dance moves or can’t copy the actions is out. The game continues until only one dancer remains.

Spot Light

This dance party game is pretty straightforward – it needs a spotlight and a person under the spotlight! You need to have one person work in the spotlight and another be in charge of the music for this game. Let the guests dance on the dance floor while music is playing. The spotlight person must continuously move the spotlight, so the dancer under it is always changing. Whenever the music stops, the spotlight holder must also freeze, putting a dancer on the spot. That dancer will be eliminated. The game continues until only one player remains.

If you just want everyone to have some good fun, simply have the dancer the spotlight stops on to be at the center of the dance floor and perform their best dance moves for the crowd.



Snowball is a fun icebreaker for almost any dinner, reception, and dance event. It’s a favorite at weddings, as it works well with all ages. Since it starts with a specific couple (for instance, the bride and groom, an anniversary couple, a birthday celebrant, and a partner), you can play it without a lot of pre-planning.

The first couple begins to dance. At weddings, this is great to play after the couple’s first dance to involve all the guests. The DJ then stops the music and calls out snowball. Then, the dancing couple splits up, and each of them chooses a new partner, brings them to the dance floor, and dances.

Tag the Table

This game works for dinner or luncheon events like holiday parties, weddings, anniversary parties, and reunions. To set the game up, put a tent card on each table with a name of a dance move. When the DJ calls out that name, everyone at the table gets up and starts dancing the move assigned to them. Alternatively, the DJ can call tables out to the dance floor for a dance-off instead of dancing at their seats.

To make it fun, the DJ can initiate a dance-off between two tables with the guests of honor as judges. Another idea is to make the DJ called “freeze” while a table is dancing, and if they move, they are out of the game. This will make it a competition until one table remains.