Crokinole board dimensions (Size guides)

Typically, a crokinole board comes 30 inches in diameter. However, the playing surface of a regulation-sized board is 26 inches. There comes another thought, what is the dimension of a recreation board then?

For recreational or pastimes, you can choose a board with a playing surface of 22 to 24 inches in diameter. The board doesn’t come in round shape every time. You can get an octagonal-shaped board as well.

It doesn’t matter what shape it comes in, crokinole board game requires a regulation size board for tournament games. You’ll know more about the board dimensions here.

How big is a crokinole board

A crokinole board is 30 inches in diameter, but the playing surface is 26 inches in diameter. However, that’s not all you need to know about these boards. You may have already known the playing areas of the board.

All these areas have a specific dimension. A tournament size or regulation size crokinole board comes with 26 inches of playing area. Check out the following chart that contains the size of different crokinole board parts.

Crokinole board parts Dimensions of different parts
Playing surface 26 inches in diameter
Overall dimension 30 inches in diameter
Center hole 1 3/8 inches in diameter
15 points zone 8 inches in diameter
10 points zone 16 inches in diameter
5 points zone 24 inches in diameter
Starting mark 2 inches
Ditch area 2 inches

The first and most noticeable part of the board is the center hole. The reason it’s very crucial is that it holds the most point value, which is 20 points. That circular portion is 1 3/8 inches in diameter.

The further playing lines come from the center point of the board. The second area holds a 15 points value, and it has pegs around. That area is 8 inches from the center of the board. Well, then why the pegs are there?

It works as an obstacle in the way of scoring the most of the number of points. Therefore, the game becomes exciting and players try hard to get through the pegs heart and soul. The next part holds 10 points value.

It’s 16 inches away from the center part and has no pegs around it. It’s the second-largest scoring part on the board. However, the largest portion on the board is the 24 inches diameter part.

The diameter is measured from the center again. Although it’s the largest scoring area, it holds the least scoring value that is only 5 points. Following the line, there’s a 2 inches part used as the starting line.

Players take their shots from that area. The last and one of the crucial parts of the board is the ditch area, which is 2 inches too. When any crokinole piece gets out of the play or somehow eliminated, it stays there.

What is the thickness of the crokinole board

Crokinole boards typically have maple wood construction. However, these maple wooden boards come with a thickness of ½ inches mostly. Whether it’s an official or traditional size board, the ideal thickness is ½ inches.

While talking about the thickness one more thing we’d like to mention about, which is the center hole’s depth. According to the regulations measurement, it should be around ¼ inches deep. However, the depth is largely related to the crokinole pieces as well.

If the pieces are thicker than usual, you may need a deeper hole to get the pieces inside. However, a ½ inches thick board always appears to be the ideal choice for a professional level of matches.

Meanwhile, the rim around the board is another factor you can talk about while knowing about the rim height. Typically, a regulation-size board has a 1 ½ inch high rim to keep the playability on top.

Traditional vs. tournament size crokinole boards

Although you can choose a tournament size board for traditional games, there’s still a lies a slight difference. Tournament size boards mean official boards, which have a playing surface of 26 inches.

Moreover, the overall dimension of these boards is 30 inches in diameter. On the other hand, you never need an official board to play recreational or traditional games in your home as a pastime.

Tournament size board Traditional size board
26 inches playing surface 22 to 24 inches playing surface
30 inches overall dimension Up to 26 inches overall dimension
1 3/8 inches center hole 1 ¼ inches center hole

However, the minimum size requirement for a traditional crokinole board is 22 inches, which is the playing surface. The overall board can be somewhere near 26 inches. Again, the playing area can go up to 24 inches.

There’s another slight difference between traditional and tournament size boards. The center hole in traditional boards is 1 ¼ inch in diameter. However, tournament size boards have 1 3/8 inches diameter center hole.

That is to say, the playing surface of a traditional board ranges from 22 inches to 24 inches in diameter. On the contrary, a tournament size board has 26 inches of the playing surface.

Types of crokinole boards

Basically, there isn’t any huge difference between crokinole boards except for the size and shapes. The playing rules, board inner design, and structure are pretty similar on all boards. According to the size, crokinole boards have two types.

  • Traditional boards have 22 to 24 inches of playing area.
  • Tournament size boards that have 26 inches of playing area.

On the other hand, the shape also differs a bit in these boards. And the boards are available in round shape and octagonal shape mainly. However, the shape doesn’t make any difference in the gaming rules.

It depends on personal preference, which one of these two shapes you want to go for.

What size are crokinole pieces

Crokinole pieces are available in three different sizes, which depend on the boards mainly. These three different pieces are tournament size, traditional size, and mini size. Look at the chart below.

Tournament size Traditional size Mini size
1 ¼ inches diameter 1 1/8 inches diameter 1 3/32 inches diameter
3/8 inches thick 3/8 inches thick 13/32 inches thick
1 3/8 center hole diameter 1 ¼ center hole 1 ¼ center hole
For 26 inches playing surface For 22 to 24 inches playing For 22 to 24 inches playing

The smaller the board gets the smaller pieces you should use on it. Therefore, the dimension of the crokinole board is directly related to the crokinole pieces size.