Popular 1990’s Board Games

Popular ‘90s Board Games

While the popularity of board games has plunged in the recent decades, anyone could attest that the 1990s was its golden era, having provided some of the freshest and most innovative concepts that eventually became tried-and-true classics. Indeed, it was one of the most rewarding years on the tabletop, with kids enjoying … Read more

Why Does Monopoly Last So Long

Monopoly cash in the box

Monopoly is a multi-player economics-themed board game. It is a board game that can be played with family, friends, and kids. The buying and trading properties of the game make it interesting for the players. You have to develop the hotels and houses. For this purpose, you roll the dice and reach … Read more

Most Popular Games of the 1800s

two older adults playing chess

The 1800s was the time 35 years before the industrial revolution. Many lives changed because this decade saw a lot of prestigious development in science. During this era, people engaged in simple professions such as tenant farmers or traders and merchants. To think that people lived without light or electricity is ineffable; … Read more

Most Popular Games of the 1980s

a person playing with a handheld game console

The 1980s was a decade where entertainment went through a modern and exciting transformation. Thisperiod was the second decade in the gaming industry and a time of highs and lows for computer games. In addition to that, arcade business giants like Atari weredominating the market since the late 1970s. The 80s was … Read more

Guide to Empire

group of friends playing a game on the beach

Empire is a fun party game that can be played indoors or outdoors with friends, family members, and loved ones. What’s cool about Empire is that it can also be played by people of all ages, which means kids and adults can play the game at the same time. This party game … Read more

Guide to Zombie Apocalypse

running away from zombies at the park

Zombie Apocalypse is a fun game that incorporates different elements of tag into its gameplay mechanics. This game is usually more fun to play if there is a large group of players, so gather your friends and loved ones to make the game exciting and exhilarating. The rules and mechanics of Zombie … Read more

Guide to Four Corners

a classroom where Four Corners is usually played

Most kids today are probably familiar with Four Corners, as it is often played during free time in classrooms with their teacher as the moderator or supervisor. However, there may be some people who are unfamiliar with this game. In Four Corners, the goal is to be the “last man standing,” while … Read more

Guide to Fugitive

cop figure with police car

While almost all outdoor games are specifically suitable for children, there is one particular game that is more appropriate to be played by teens or adults. This game is called Fugitive, and it involves a simple gameplay mechanic where one group must go from point A to point B. However, reaching the … Read more

Guide to Egyptian Rat Screw – ERS

The Egyptian Rat Screw or ERS is a fun, simple, and exciting card-based party game. You can play it with your friends with a minimum of three players, and each game would last for 10 minutes. One cool thing about this game is you only need to use a standard 52-card deck … Read more

Guide to the Game of Sardines

Sardines Group game

A simple way to describe the game Sardines is it’s similar to “Hide-and-Seek.” The only difference with this game is the gameplay, which is in reverse. Middle school kids usually play this game, but it also works well for adults. The game doesn’t have any special equipment to play and, like Hide-and-Seek, … Read more