Best Games for a Road Trip

Are you unsure how you’ll keep yourselves occupied on your next road trip? Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered! Games must have three characteristics to get the most out of a road trip: a modest number of small parts, portability, and a fun aspect.

Here are the ten best games, which will make your next road trip a breeze.

The Alphabet Game

Players seek to find words beginning with each alphabet letter from A to Z in this popular road trip game that doesn’t need board or game pieces. Road signs, billboards, branded vehicles, restaurant names, and more can all be found. You can choose to play cooperatively (with every player building on the group’s progress) or competitively (with each person working through their alphabet).

When players find their next word, they scream out their letter along with the word (“A! Arby’s!”) so that everyone can keep track. Some players follow the rule that if they see a graveyard, they can proclaim it, and all other players must return to “A.”

Another variation of the Alphabet Game is for someone to choose a category, and everyone in the family takes turns naming things from that category that starts with ascending letters from A to Z. For instance, if one player starts with “aardvark,” the next person could say “butterfly,” and so on.

Punch Buggy

An old favorite for road trips! See who can spot the most Volkswagen Beetles, commonly known as punch buggies, on the road! When you see one, make noise and mention the car’s color (Yellow punch buggy!). Sightings like these are rewarded one point.

Classic bugs are worth two points, while vans are worth five. Rare models like “Herby the Love Bug” are worth ten times as much! By the second you arrive at your stop, whoever has the most points has won. Keep in mind that the game isn’t over until the automobile is parked!

map, car keys, magnifying glass

License Plate Game

Allow each passenger to “accumulate” as many license plate states as possible, keeping track by writing them down. They won’t find all 50, but you’d be shocked how many folks you share the road with, especially if you’re going cross-country. Another road trip game that allows competition or collaboration: do they compile their individual plate lists or work together?  And if you are looking for the best online casino platform, visit

Sing-Along Challenge

Are you searching for games that have a bit of a beat to them? You’ve come to the right place. To begin the game, one player sings a lyric from a popular song. Passengers must listen carefully to the final word sung.

The following individual to sing a line must start with the same word as the one before them. Time how much time it takes for someone to become trapped! Moreover, here is the link to the best high roller casino that we can recommend.

I Spy

Because this game is so well-known, it won’t take much teaching to figure out how to play. The first player chooses something on the road or in the car without telling the rest of the passengers. Then they must say, “I spy with my small eye something that starts with the letter…” concerning the response.

The other passengers then make educated guesses as to what it could be. While it isn’t the most complicated vehicle game available, it is a fun way to keep yourselves occupied and interested while on the road.

20 Questions

It sometimes seems like the inquiries never end, especially with curious toms. An excellent method to get everything out of their system is by asking them 20 questions. You’ve undoubtedly played it before, but here’s a quick refresher: Someone, somewhere, or something comes to mind for one of the players.

The others take turns posing yes-or-no questions, and they get a guess as to what/where/who it is after each question. They lose if they don’t solve it after 20 questions.

Name the Most…

Choose a category and move around the vehicle, naming as many relevant items as you can. You may, for example, begin with Disney princesses or characters from a specific film.

You may add a little spice to the game by having the passengers wager on who can list the most things in the quickest amount of time. If they are challenged, each player must respond within five to ten seconds. Whoever is the first to get stumped loses.

road, road signs

The Movie Game

Here’s another entertaining game to pass the time on a lengthy car ride. Someone in the car should suggest a letter. If they start with T, for example, everybody else in the vehicle will have to think of films that begin with T, such as Toy Story and so on.

After you’ve completed that category, you can move on to the following letter in the alphabet.

Guess the Song

Shuffle your CD player/Spotify or turn on the radio. The first person to scream out the song’s name wins. (If your radio announces the song titles as they play, make sure you cover it.)

Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a list of usual sights along the way, such as a mileage sign, cows, a barn, a motorcycle, etc. If you know your route well, try customizing it. Each participant strives to find as many of the scavenger hunt items as possible.