Best Foosball Table Reviews for 2021

Foosball tables have been known to be a form of recreation that is beginning to substitute for outdoor soccer. By description, a foosball table is a game that looks like soccer in which a ball is being moved around by rods that can be manipulated by hand. 

These rods are attached player-like structures, which will, in turn, be manipulated when the player moves the rods. It goes by many names. 

In France, it is called baby foot, In Germany, it is called Kicker, and in North America and other parts of the world, it is called Foosball. The aim of this game is just the same as soccer, moving the ball into the goal post of the opponents by manipulating the rods on which player figures are attached. 

However, rules vary by region and country where the games are being played casually. At competitive levels, everyone works according to a unified code. This link has more on the best foosball tables for any competitive level. 

All You Need to Know About Foosball

This game has become one of the classic indoor games in the world of gaming today. If you haven’t played it before, you will probably not realize that it is a fast-paced game that is loved by all and can bring people together. This competitive yet straightforward game is ideal for individuals of various ages and does not need upkeep or maintenance.

The game involves the movement of figures using rotating bars. This helps to kick the ball around until it ends up in the opposing goal. These products differ in size, but a typical foosball table is like 3.9 ft. (120 centimeters) long and 2 ft. (61 centimeters) wide. 

It contains eight rows of what is called foo’s men, which may be plastic, wooden, metal, or even carbon fiber structures. They are mounted on horizontal metal bars. More than one person can play it, and the foo’s men are divided into four rows for the goalkeeper, the defenders, the midfielders, and the strikers. You can check here for more on how the game of table football is played. 

Players can easily manipulate these rods to direct the figures to hold, pass, or kick the ball. The game starts when the ball has been served through one hole at the side. Coin tosses are used to determine the player to serve first. Expert players have been known to move the balls at speeds as high as 35 mph or 56 km/h in standard competitions. 

The rules for standardized international companies have been modified over the years, and winners are usually determined by the number of goals scored.

Types of Foosball Tables

If you are a novice and an enthusiast of this game, you need to understand that these tables come in different shapes and sizes. The most popular types of foosball tables will be discussed below. Also, these reliable foosball table reviews will surely be of great help to ensure what you’ll be buying is a top-of-the-line foosball table. 

Standalone Foosball Tables

This is the best option for players who play the game daily. If you need a dedicated product for your game, this 56-inch might just be your guy because they are the best way to learn and play table football games. Even professional players can also use this table as it is built to withstand a lot of factors.  

Table Tops

This is probably the least expensive and smallest type. If serious players use this type for a long time, there will be a lot of wear and tear. However, due to its cost, it is the preferred option for starting. 

Multi-Game Tables

These come with some removable parts that may be converted into different forms. They also cost more because since they can be used for other things aside from the game itself. If you just want a table to play the game, you might not want to consider this type.

How to Shop for Foosball Tables

When you want to buy a foosball table, there are some things you might want to consider. Even though foosball tables are supposed to be a source of enjoyment and recreation, the aim might just be defeated if the quality is not good enough. So below, we will be discussing some of the tips you might want to consider before purchasing one.

The Weight of the Table

Most of the time, the heavier the table, the better its chances of being stable when the intensity of the action gets higher. The best bet would be to look for a product that weighs at least 125 lbs. There are even tables that weigh as much as 200 lbs.; go for those.

The Thickness of the Sidewall Width

If the sidewall width is thicker, it means that there will be quicker and more consistent play. If you need one, you should get one of at least one inch; if you see one of 1.5 inches, the better.

The Leg Levelers

Without good leg levelers, it would be a lot difficult to get a level playing surface, especially if the floor level is not ideal.

Consider the Price and Brand

When you want to get a product, it is always better to look out for the price and brand. Some brands produce better products than others, considering the players’ level of aggressiveness; you would want to opt for the ones with the highest quality. With excellent quality, the product will be able to stand the test of time.

Cost should also be considered, as you would want one that fits into your budget. The quality of the product may just be proportional to how much is paid for it. Mid-level tables may be a good option if one is new to the game as it provides the quality you need to develop and enjoy the game. This link has more on what to pay for a good quality foosball table. 

Consumer Reviews

There may be chances that a novice would have difficulty knowing the type of product to buy. But going online and reading consumer reviews would help one make the right choice without thinking so much about it. If a product is good, the customer reviews reflect it and vice versa.

Final Note

In the end, you can always talk to a professional about the products you will be getting. Also, consider the tips we have discussed above. Finally, you should always value quality over quantity and price, and customer reviews should be your friend if you need great products.