About the Author

Me build a website? Not quite something I had imagined for myself. Not that I doubted my ability but building a website simply wasn’t in the scope of things I thought would become my reality. The funny thing about life is that sometimes your intentions for life and the intention life has for you are two different things.

So how did this unintended website come to be? I want to say it all started with a question. A questioned that caused a shift in my perspective. Upon rethinking, I suddenly had a desire to extend myself and explore the possibility of engaging in something new.

The Question

So a dear friend of mine asked me if I could spend my days doing something I enjoyed; what would that be? My response was, something that would allow me to engage my mind with creativity. I find that I enjoy various activities so long as I have the ability to be creative.

As a student, I loved the assignments that allowed me to infuse creative thoughts and artistic presentations. As a youth leader, I enjoyed coming up with games and activities for services and events. In the last few years my involvement in publication design has really opened my eyes to how much I love creating.

So here’s the other question; in what way can this creativity be expressed? My friend proposed the idea of a website which I thought was pretty cool but had no idea where to start in terms of the information I would share on the site or building the actual site.

Sharing Creativity

The thing I enjoy about this site is not only is it a new experience for me but its also an avenue in which I can share my creations and ideas. I had fun designing the site and continue in this fun each time new content is created.

Working on developing this site has brought me into continuous thought as I am ever thinking of ways to improve the experience of each visitor and satisfy their search. I love coming up with new ideas and sincerely hope that the ideas expressed on this site are truly enjoyable and fitting to the needs of my visitors.

Thanks for Your Visits

Your visits to this site are truly appreciated and I thank you for allowing me to share with you. I trust you’ll enjoy the content being shared and will pay it forward by sharing what you’ve enjoyed here with someone else. Now let the fun games continue!