3 Great Benefits of Having Fun in the Garden with Kids Paddling Pools

It is no surprise that for the majority of families, teaching your kids to swim should be one of the most important part-time activities. Either taking them to swimming school or doing it yourself in the backyard in your pool, is one of the most beneficial things you could do for them, and you.

It need not be a chore for them and most kids love the idea of splashing around in the water, be it in their back yard or the sea or holiday camp. As an extra-curricular activity for your children, it is both enjoyable and good for their minds and bodies.

You don’t need to invest in expensive swimming pools just to get the deed done. There are lots of other less-expensive and just as fun options. Some of these include a blow-up one, a paddling pool and even a portable one that you can put anywhere you like. More options can be found here too.

Below we take a look at some of the major benefits of learning how to swim in a paddling pool where the kids can have fun in the garden.

It Is Beneficial For Their Health

If you are looking to give your young ones a low-impact type of exercise, that helps the entire body, this would be it. As they are constantly growing and changing it is highly beneficial for them to get the right amount of activity included in their day to day lives.

Let’s face it, young children often have tons of energy and for some parents to keep up maybe a task of its own. When they have the option of using that energy inside a body of water while having fun and improving on their flexibility, muscles, bones and coordination, it’s a definite win for both parties.

For you, as a parent, it can also help when it’s time to relax and destress to float around in the water and soak up some sun or do some exercises in the water or play a game like water polo with your family. When toddlers learn the importance of water from a young age, they tend to appreciate and respect it more. However, until they are old enough, they must always be supervised and kept an eye on when learning to swim.

Quality Time with Friends and Family


Besides the fact that these devices are perfect for any either and can be placed both indoors, outdoors or under a shed when the weather is bad, they are also a great way to add some quality time with the family and friends. Building bonds with parents and friends for kids while they are still growing up, in itself, has so many benefits.

The parent-child relationship is something you can never get back when your children grow older and move out of the house, so the best time to take advantage of this is now, while they’re still young. It helps to build their confidence, teaches them life lessons, shows them how to love and communicate effectively and more. What better way to do this than while swimming: https://www.parentingni.org/blog/parent-child-relationship-why-its-important/

It Is a Good Way to Keep Them Away from Television

Nowadays it is hard to avoid the array of different kids’ movies, PlayStation and Xbox games in every toy or electronic store. It has become the norm for most families to buy their children games to play or subscribe to the Disney channel for them to have a form of entertainment during their holidays or while they are busy.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, when toddlers start to take advantage of this and become glued to the television screens, it can be hard for parents to realize that they’ve just spent hours watching cartoons and wasted a whole afternoon on the couch.

When they have other options such as kids paddling pools in their back yard, or playing outdoors in the sun, where they can get some much-needed Vitamin D, it is more beneficial than them sitting on the couch all day. It makes for a good distraction. Parents need to get their kids out of the house as often as possible.

Taking them for a swim is one of the most effective ways to do this. You can even invite some of their friends over which will add to the fun. Get yourself one of these and see how well it does with your offspring.