3 Best Sports Games You Can Play During This Prolonged Pandemic

The sports industry was trendy decades ago when football’s sport was an integral part of life. Many people like exercise; in addition to improving fitness and body health, sports can provide a fresh mind and soul. But the pandemic made all plans change entirely! Almost everyone is forbidden to leave the house to stop the spread of this deadly virus, even for sport. If you miss out on an entertaining sports atmosphere, turn on your PC right away, and play these three best sports games to fill your free time during the lockdown and ban off prolonged boredom! If you want to play Sport betting to earn some money in this pandemic, you can play it easily at agen sbobet.

Three best soccer games you can play during the lockdown.

This pandemic makes everyone have to take care of themselves from the transmission of this deadly covid-19 virus. Unsurprisingly, many industries are really “rolling out” because of the lack of interest, and the sports industry is one of the sectors that hit by this prolonged pandemic. There are so many events and tournaments, even friendly matches, that are entirely delayed until somehow it can start again. Playing video games is one of the great solutions for those who miss the various sports matches that are usually broadcast on multiple television channels and other streaming media. Here are 3 of the best sports games you can play right away!


Who doesn’t know the NBA, a basketball video game that was famous until decades ago. Released in 1999, the NBA already has a massive series of games, so many people love it. NBA2K20 is a series of other NBA options that you can play and feel the fun during the current lockdown. The NBA also has various competitions and tournaments in esports, so there are so many professional players you can learn from. You will be challenged to become a professional basketball player and ready to win teams and ward off enemies in every game.

This video game is designed as a sports simulation game made entirely similar to the original. Yes, not only does it play with your favorite team, but NBA2K also requires you to defend your championship title while also taking various trophies in every competition. The game certainly comes with a complete and up-to-date list of players each season, making the basketball game similar to the original. There will be many tasks to complete, win at the top of the standings, and be proud of your best team!

Madden 20

You’re obsessed and love the whole American football game show? Don’t worry; although many matches and competitions are delayed, you can play them live. Madden 20 is the solution to a sports video game that presents stunning American football sports simulations! The game will offer various real teams complete with their player formations and the latest stats in each season. Yes, this Electronic Arts-style game provides multiple game modes that you can try all, complete with a career mode for exciting sports adventures!

In its latest version, Madden 20 also offers a superstar mode, which will give its users the freedom to select random members that suit your preferences. You can organize your most incredible team to be the best among others. The game was nominated in 2019 as the best sports game and in 2020 by NAVGTR.

MLB The Show 20

Baseball is a sport that many people are waiting for. But what power, this pandemic keeps various competitions and matches temporarily postponed until the specified deadline. If you miss it, try to play MLB The Show 20 as the three best sports games you can try. You can choose up to 1700 players; you’re ready to play to score as many as you can! So, prepare to fight an enemy team and ready to attack at any time?

Here are some short recommendations about the three best sports games you can play at home when you’re on lockdown. Make the most of your great time with this best video game with your family and dear friends!